Artist : Nipsey Hussle - A Miracle
Title : 4TheCulture
Duration : 03:36
View : 1.5M
Source : Youtube
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Lirik Nipsey Hussle - A Miracle

If what I believe
Is proved to be wrong
Then I guess I'm a miracle

I was been supposed to change up
I was been supposed to fold all this pressure
I was been supposed to change up
Nigga what would I look like I come from the hood
I represent the only way up
Had to hustle boy I'm tryna touch the toy
I'm trying fuck these LA streets up
Think it's safe to say I did it
Look nigga, uh

[Verse 1:]
All black everything, and my diamonds all love like Vera Wang
Look, blue rags in the south of France
Theres some things in life that won't ever change
Me, I'm a nigga that's supposed to ball
Cause I'm a street survivor and they mowed us wrong
Before rap we was rolling stones
I drove a cutlass coupe, a couple corners on
Front of the building on my mobile phone
I'm thinking pace yourself cause you can overdose
Not on the drugs but the life you chose
But hanging niggas they don't like parole
No such thing as they might parole
They putting cameras up in microphones
They got me sandwiched in I want a nicer home
They know I take the risk I don't know right from wrong
Plus any given day you might be gone
No cliche where the lines get drawn
Come on the block its a riot zone
For the loot niggas stoop into pirate mode
Paint with less strokes and divide you dawg
Guns get drawn niggas lives get lost
Never was entitled had to fight for raw
Necessities in life, you see the reason right?


[Verse 2:]
All black everything in my 600 Benz with a heavy chain
Look, you deserve a real nigga with money
Theres some things in life that won't ever change
Me, fell in love with a cutie
A celebrity herself prolly fuck with her music
She the one that the shoe fit but I can't stop for love
Look how the game has seduced us
Benihana or the Ruth's Chris
Alot of new responsibilities with all of this influence
Spending racks therapeutic
So I snow flake the fakes like ACs in my new shit
One button, where the roof went?
TMZ taking shots say cheese for the news clips
Dope boys and them boosters
Gangbangers and hoopers
My style is inclusive, the streets is abusive
But its life my nigga wanna survive gotta shoot shit
Hella thick skin never bruise quick
Yellow wrists and some 7-speed shit
I talk to you on some sucka d shit
All visual nigga going digital nigga
Not the smartest nigga but its visceral nigga
My understanding on a level kinda different my nigga
Every time I drop the city a feel it
Every time you hate you gotta be kidding
Every time I pull up the foreign is kitted
And I can't even really walk through the Beverly Center
Hudson jeans on ain't the regular demin
I bought the 600 not the regular Benz
Famous without a deal that ain't regular nigga
Tired of telling you niggas I'm not a regular nigga, no!


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